Who I Am
I'm an accomplished and self-motivated professional, recognized as an award-winning UX/UI/product designer, creative director, and strategic marketer. With a remarkable track record spanning over 15 years, I have collaborated with top brands to create research-driven designs that drive user engagement and elevate brand awareness. My true passion lies in empowering individuals and companies to shine by crafting impactful and memorable experiences. Thriving in fast-paced environments, I possess a keen eye for opportunity and possess stellar design instincts, enabling me to consistently elevate the brands I serve.
I am widely known for my meticulous attention to detail, exceptional organizational skills, and collaborative nature as a team player. I am driven to challenge the status quo, constantly pushing boundaries to achieve outstanding results. My supervisors consistently acknowledge and appreciate my ambitious and proactive work ethic, recognizing my contributions to their organizations.
Beyond my professional endeavors, I find great joy in competitive running, where I perform at a sub-elite level. I relish any opportunity to be outdoors and engage in physical activities that keep me moving. As a music enthusiast and passionate experience seeker, I constantly seek inspiration and personal growth.
Let's connect and explore how we can collaborate to create exceptional experiences and drive meaningful impact.

What I do
Product Design • UX Design • UI Design • ​​​​​​​Art Direction • Graphic Design • Branding • Logo Design • Marketing Strategy • Social Media Content Creation • Social Media Strategy • Typography • Brand Storytelling • 360 Marketing Strategy • Brand Management • Social Content Strategy & Management • Influencer Engagement • Social Advertising • Digital Marketing • Email Marketing • Project Management

My Interests
Decorated Competitive Runner • Experience Seeker • Health & Fitness Fanatic • Outdoor Adventurer • Fur-mom • Cook • Artist • DIYer • Music Enthusiast • Bookworm

• JUDGES AWARD — REGENCY Luxury Pontoons Brochure  Feb 2020  AAF Heartland
• GOLD ADDY — REGENCY Luxury Pontoons Brochure  Feb 2020  AAF Heartland
• SILVER ADDY — SUN TRACKER Pontoons Essence Video  Feb 2020  AAF Heartland
• SILVER ADDY — TAHOE Sport Boats Instant Experience  Feb 2020  AAF Heartland
• GOLD ADDY — Tahoe Brochure  Feb 2019  AAF Heartland
• SILVER ADDY — Regency 2019 Brochure  Feb 2019  AAF Heartland
• SILVER ADDY — Sun Tracker Upholstery Cleaning Video  Feb 2019  AAF Heartland
• GOLD ADDY — Catalog  Feb 2018  AAF Joplin
• SILVER ADDY — Catalog  Feb 2018  AAF Joplin
• SILVER ADDY — Internet Commercial  Feb 2018  AAF Joplin
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